Spiral Galaxy NGC 5775

A new photo by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the spiral galaxy NGC 5775, surrounded by a halo of gas. Astronomers think that this gas was created by star explosions like a galaxy-size fountain.The galaxy NGC 5775 is located about 85 million light-years from Earth in a group of galaxies called the Virgo Cluster. NGC 5775 is a spiral galaxy that is so far away from Earth that only its edge is visible and the edge-on position of the galaxy has allowed astronomers to find a big halo of hot gas around NGC 5775.But astronomers don’t know how this material got there.Some astronomers think that hot gas from the disc is coming into the halo by supernova explosions, which is then returned to the disc.

Also astronomers find that a bridge of hydrogen gas linking the galaxy with a galaxy NGC 5774. This two spiral galaxies are on a collision course and are in the early stages of merging.