Stellar Fireworks Three Months After the Explosion of a Star

Science magazine reports that the stellar fireworks, formed after the explosion of a star, which lies 3.8 billion light years from Earth, is still clearly visible, although it took almost three months.This was the result of stellar fireworks explosion of a star the size of our sun is 3.8 billion light years from Earth. Star in the constellation Draco was literally torn poglaschena and a massive black hole, which resulted in a powerful burst of gamma radiation, which was fixed satellites Swift March 27 this year.launched by NASA in 2004 to monitor and gamma-ray bursts occurring during the explosion of stars.

Researcher Joshua Bloom said that “recorded with the Swift gamma-ray burst was so powerful that it can be assumed   that  such  a  burst   of   gamma   radiation  will never again be observed in our galaxy.” Flash after the stellar explosion is still ongoing, although it took almost 3 months. According to researchers, stellar fireworks gradually fades, but stops completely until the end of the year.