The Strongest Over The Past Five Years Magnetic Storm on Earth

A series of powerful flares and ejections of plasma in the Sun, which led to very strong over the past five years magnetic storm on Earth, could be the beginning of the general level of solar activity, which may last until the end of 2011. Sun’s life is subject to many rhythms, main among which may be considered 11-year cycle of solar activity, during its highs in the Sun there is a lot of spots, active regions, there is a large number of flares and coronal mass ejections. In periods of calm all these things come to naught. 23rd cycle of solar activity, became a record with the peace for all 160 years of observations of sunspots. The new 24-second cycle, also has a slow rise, the number of powerful flares is much less than would be expected in this phase of the solar cycle.

In late July-early August, astrophysicists have recorded a series of powerful flares on Sun. The strongest over the past 5 years magnetic storm began on Earth on the night of Saturday, August 6. Amplitude of the oscillation of the magnetic field for several tens of minutes increased the level of Kp = 2 (3 score on a 10-point scale) to the level of Kp = 8 (9 points). According to experts, may influence the two major flares of class M summed, and the Earth’s magnetosphere received a double strike.