The Martian Surface

Studying of the Martian Surface proves the version about the life in the Ancient Mars

The results of observation the rock, which was drilled from the Martian surface, the scientists announced that the conditions of Mars may have been suitable for human life.

As you remember, several weeks ago the rover Curiosity drilled to the Martian surface and took materials from the underneath from the Martian surface. From the pictures, which the Curiosity had sampled, the scientists decided, that if there were an organic material in the Mars, it could be preserved. Also, the scientists find such components as carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus. These elements are basic elements for life in the Earth During the examination of the chemical components of the minerals from the Mars, the scientists discovered oxidized and reduced forms of sulfur compounds. That fact proves, that there was an energy gradient in the Ancient Mars. During next months and years, the rover Curiosity will continue to look for suitable areas and materials in the other parts of the Martian surface, because the scientists have a mission to find life in the Ancient Mars.