Saturn moon dione Subsurface water

Subsurface water on Saturn moon Dione

According to scientists, the Saturn moon Dione, can have the huge subsurface water, which is one more potential place of existence of extraterrestrial life.

In Solar system there is a lot of water, and a number of satellites of giant planets are covered with water armors. As scientists claim under this shell are hidden, enormous oceans. Such space bodies as Entselad, the Titan, Europe, Ganymede and others, are objects of the most fixed research of scientists.

Now to the list of potentially manned space bodies joined also the Saturn moon Dione. As well as many similar bodies, the Saturn moon Dione, mainly, consists of ice, and on its surface it is possible to make out a large number of craters. Diameter of the satellite makes 1123 kilometers. In general, this heavenly body very much bears a strong resemblance to other satellite of Saturn – Rea.

As always, dates, allowed in a different way to look at this heavenly body, the scientists received from the spacecraft of Cassini. Flying near the satellite, Cassini’s devices noticed that from Dione there is a small stream of particles, which can quite turn out to be consequence of a volcanism. Having analyzed the data sent by a probe, scientists from laboratory of jet movement of NASA came to a conclusion that under an ice surface of the satellite up to 50 kilometers in depth can disappear the ocean. The similar subsurface water already found on Entselada.

About the ocean on the satellite and about its geological activity, tell also the folded educations found on its surface. Besides, in numerous pictures are visible cracks in an ice surface through which, there can be subsurface water emissions.


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