Sunflower-shaped spacecraft

Sunflower-shaped spacecraft help to find alien planets

NASA reveals Sunflower-shaped spacecraft which will help to find alien planets. Scientists believe that with the use of this technology, researchers could take direct images of other planets with alien life.
The Sunflower-shaped spacecraft is also unique in that, unlike most space-based instruments, it’s one part of a two-spacecraft observation system. “We can use a pre-existing space telescope to take the pictures,” explains astronomers. The Sunflower-shaped spacecraft will allow it to move around in order to block the light from different stars. NASA’s engineers are optimistic that refining their technology could be the key to major exoplanet discoveries in the future.
The Sunflower-shaped spacecraft acts as a giant umbrella as it opens up and positions itself between the star and telescope. The spacecraft blocks the starlight, thereby potentially exposing the previously hidden exoplanets. The expected cost of the alien-hunt spacecraft mission is around $1 billion and is targeting 55 stars over a period of three years.