Atmosphere of Venus

Super wind on atmosphere of Venus

For many years scientists know about strong wind on Venus. However thanks to the spacecraft “Venus-Express”, it became known that increased intensity and force of the winds on Venus. They turned into the real hurricanes which many times over surpass force of terrestrial hurricanes. At this stage scientists who are engaged in studying of winds on atmosphere of Venus, can’t explain the mechanism of action and emergence of similar winds. Very difficult, but it is important to understand that provokes so strong wind on Venus. Their speed sometimes reaches 300 km/h. And in recent years even 400 km/h. By the words of Russian scientist Igor Khatuntsev, earlier they never observed similar speeds of hurricanes on Venus. In the atmosphere of Venus something is created improbable. Venus is quite peculiar planet with rough atmospheric phenomena. 10 years on Venus it is equal to 6 years on Earth. Venus is the second internal planet of Solar System with a cycle time in 224,7 terrestrial days. The atmosphere of Venus is consisting mainly of carbon dioxide. This results from the fact that on Venus there is no circulation of carbon and life, which could process it in a biomass. By the scientists the intensity of wind on Venus from 2006 to 2012 grew by 33%. The spacecraft “Venus Express” is in an orbit since 2006 and continues to investigate phenomena on this planet.