Protostars discovered by Hershel telescope

Telescope Hershel Found Young Protostars

In frames of NASAs’ mission of European Space Agency (ESA), the astronomers found  some youngest stars in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex . These stars were discovered by some astronomers from different observatories from Sweden and Germany. These astronomers collaborated in the European Space Agency (ESA) mission for understanding the formation of new stars. The discovery gives the chance to scientists to understand the formation of the star. The star comes to life from the gravitational collapse of gas and dust clouds. Finding this type of stars in the earliest time, poses a challenge. For a long time the astronomers had observed the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, but had not found any new forming star, until the Herschel telescope observed the region. Herschel found this type of stars by infrared, long-wavelength light, which can shine through the clouds. From the 15 protostars 11 protostars has very red color. The seven protostars, which had seen by Spitzer previously, also had this character. All these protostars together comprise only five percent of the protostars and candidate protostars observed in Orion. That figure implies that the youngest stars spend perhaps 25,000 years in the phase of their development. Hershel is a mission of European Space Agency (ESA), with science instruments provided by the European Institutes. Also NASA participate in this mission.