White dwarfs

Telescope Hubble found two unique white dwarfs

Before emergence of the serious technical problems connected with full leakage of liquid helium on a space telescope Hubble, it managed to make one more important and interesting opening. Hubble found two stars, which already finished the evolution and turned into white dwarfs, at distance about 150 light years from Earth.  In comparison with ordinary dwarfs, who has quite neutral atmosphere, the atmosphere of these two stars has a set of elements – construction blocks, which are responsible for formation of firm planets. These two stars were found by tools of an orbital telescope in Hyades scattered star congestion in constellation of the Taurus. Age Hyades makes about 625 million years.  According to the researchers from the Cambridge University for them became a big surprise when they found construction elements in the atmosphere of two white dwarfs found telescope Hubble.  It means that in the past of a star could create some firm planets round itself. After studying the chemical elements found in the unique atmosphere of the white dwarf, the scientists came to the conclusion that they previously could form Earth-like planets, perhaps more primitive, but still solid and in some ways similar to the Earth.