Asteroid 2013 EC

The Asteroid 2013 EC will fly near the Earth on March 4

The asteroid 2013 EC with dimensions from 15 up to 17 meters was founded in Pan-STARRS 1 observatory in Hawaiian Islands on March 1. The center of minor planets appropriated to a new asteroid designation 2013 EC.
The asteroid 2013 EC , similar to asteroid fallen in the district of Chelyabinsk, will fly near the Earth on March 4, 2013 at 07:35 UTC. The distance between the Earth and the asteroid will be 362 thousand kilometers, this slightly less than a distance from Earth to the Moon. In the middle of February the small asteroid, which size is estimated at 17 meters, entered into the atmosphere of Earth and blew up at the height about 20 kilometers over Chelyabinsk. The shock wave damaged buildings, glasses are beaten out, more than one thousand people asked for medical care.

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