The biggest structure in the Universe

Interesting facts – The biggest structure in the universe

What do we don’t know about the biggest structure in the universe ? For those who yet don’t know, we report that the biggest structure in the universe is a Big Group of Quasars (Large Quasar Group/LQG). This group represents the large-scale structure of the Universe consisting of set of quasars, being in limits of one galactic thread. Unlike rather close super congestions of galaxies, big groups of quasars are extremely far and, probably, are predecessors of modern super congestions and great walls. The first similar group was open in 1982 and it consisted of five quasars. In total such groups at present is known twenty, the biggest structure in the universe consists of 78 quasars. This group was open for the last in 2012. According to scientists even if such structure will travel on the Universe with velocity of light, it needs at least 4 billion years to cross the Universe. And it in 1600 times more distances from Andromeda to the Milky Way. It is inconceivable. Astronomers for the present didn’t manage to solve all secrets of the mechanism of similar huge structures. They are today the biggest and inexplicable riddle in our Universe.