The Birth of star in the Milky Way

The birth of a large star in the Milky Way pictured ALMA radio telescope

With help of new supervision of Atacama Large Millimeter Array/ALMA/ radio telescope, settling down to the Atacama Desert, Chile, was found the huge star germ which weight exceeds by 500 times of our Sun. Now it is development of further growth. In the Milky Way didn’t find such star yet. This process will come to the end the birth of the new star which luminosity will be equal about 100 solar masses. There are two opinions of an origin of such massive stars. One of opinions says that the parental cloud breaks up to parts. In each part there is a kernel then each of them starts contracting, thereby forming a new star. In other opinion, the cloud contracts as a single whole. The matter of a cloud goes to its center and already some huge stars there start appearing. Group of experts of University in Great Britain and CEA/AIM, from France decided to use ALMA radio telescope for supervision the process.

Birth of the star in the Milky Way
Birth of the star in the Milky Way

The object at number SDC335.579-0.292 was originally found by space telescopes of NASA and ESA, Spitzer and Herschel respectively, as a chaotic heap of dense and dark fibers of a dust and gas. But now, with use of ALMA radio telescope, scientists managed to estimate quantity of a dust.  Also the scientists in detail studied gas movement from within a dark cloud even more precisely and in its depth found real “monster”. On a circle of this kernel in fast movement already rotates more than 500 solar mass of substance. Still the bigger quantity of substance falls deep into this whirlwind that increases the mass of a new star, showed supervision with ALMA radio telescope. As it is a matter will squeeze in a huge sphere of a new huge star which by 100 times will be massive than the Sun.

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