The Climate of the Mars may change by the hit of Comet C/2013 A1

By the hit of comet  C/2013 A1 with the Mars, which can happen at October 2014, the climate of the Mars can be changed and become closer to the climate of the Earth. C/2013 A1 comet, was discovered in the beginning of this year by the astronomer Robert McNaught. According to  conclusions of astronomers, if the collision happens,  the present status and the climate of the Mars will change. According to estimations of astronomers, collision at a speed of 56 kilometers per second will lift huge of a dust in the atmosphere, and as a result of explosion huge volumes of ice and the frozen carbonic acid will instantly thaw and evaporate. It can lead to a global Comet C2013 A1 hit marswarming on the Mars. On the other hand, the dust in the atmosphere will detain the sunlight and ca provoke a cold snap, as it happened during the global dusty storms on Mars in the 1970th years. According to estimations the astronomer Elenin, the comet will fly by less than 37 thousand kilometers distance from the atmosphere of Mars. There is nothing to protect the Mars, so the microparticles of a dust will attack to the surface of the Mars, and it will have negative affect to the automatic stations. A month before the maximum approaching the C/2013 A1 comet, to the orbit of Mars will come out the tester MAVEN, which is intended for studying the small gas components in the atmosphere of a planet. As scientists expect, it will be able to investigate in details the influence of the comet atmosphere to the atmosphere of Mars.