The gas giant TrES-2b

The gas giant of TrES-2b lives in the Dragon constellation

The black gas giant of  TrES-2b rotating round a star of the spectral class G0V GSC 03549-02811 was open by the transit Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey method on August 21, 2006. The surprising planet is located at distance about 720-750 light years from Earth in zodiac the Dragon constellation. Opening of the gas giant TrES-2b was confirmed on September 8, 2006. TrES-2b is the most black planet at the moment from all found, it was more black than coal (which albedo makes 4%), and also any planet or the moon in our Solar system. Measurements showed that the gas giant TrES-2b reflects less than one percent falling from the outside of a sunlight, which is less, than even black acrylic paint or soot. Temperature on a planet surface is more than 980 °C. In 2011 by the International Astronomical Community was established that the planet of TrES-2b is most black of all known planets. It reflects less than 1% of any light getting on it.  Scientists say that this gas giant reflects less light, tea black acrylic paint.  This planet is very close to the central star. At the moment this planet continues to investigate actively. Before accident of an orbital telescope Kepler, watched this telescope it as it entered into a field of his sight. Now with its studying it became a little more difficult.