Asteroid 1998 QE2

The huge asteroid 1998 QE2 will fly near the Earth on May 31

At the end of the month the big asteroid will fly by the Earth. It will be the asteroid’s greatest rapprochement with our planet for the next two centuries. On May 31 the asteroid 1998 QE2, which diameter makes about 1,7 miles (2.7 km), will fly by the Earth and doesn’t pose threat. The space stone will fly by at distance of 3600000 miles (5800000 km) from our planet – in 15 times more distances between Earth and the Moon.  Astronomers, who plan to consider 1998 QE2 with help of two huge telescopes, wait for uneasy the approach of asteroid. Every time when the asteroid comes nearer, it provides opportunity to scientists in details to study it to understand his sizes, a form, rotation, features of a surface. This information can tell us about its origin. Also we will calculate diameter of an asteroid and its speed with help of Goldstoun to improve the calculations of the orbit and to calculate future trajectory of asteroid movement.

Asteroid 1998 QE2The asteroid 1998 QE2 was open in 1998 August, by the astronomers working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the Lincoln in the program on search of asteroids of LINEAR. The name of a space stone was appropriated by the Center of minor planets in Cambridge, the State of Massachusetts, which calls each asteroid according to the established alphanumeric scheme. Astronomers plan intensive studying 1998 QE2 from May 30 to June 9, using Goldstoun and Aresibo’s observatories to learn as much as possible about an asteroid before it again will depart to space depths.