Solar Flares

The Most powerful solar storm on May 12

People were lucky that the most powerful solar flare, which took place on May 12, was on the other part of the Sun. On May 12 on the Sun was observed one of the most powerful solar storm of 2013. It was recorded by sensors of orbital Observatory Solar Loudspeakers (SDO). The purpose of this program is development of the scientific knowledge necessary for the effective solution of aspects of Solar and Terrestrial communications, which directly influence life and society. Solar storm was referred to the class X1.7. The class X is the most intensive level of solar flashes. The index specifies value of intensity of flash and can be from 1,0 to 9,9. Such powerful solar storm can pose serious threat for ISS crew, and also for the complex of a space station and other space satellites.  Worst of all that such flashes can’t almost be predicted in advance. In this time the Earth and near-earth spacecrafts was lucky as flash was directed not towards our planet. It was absolutely on other part of the Sun. In another case, solar parts when bombing our planet and near-earth satellites could cause really the mass of harm.