Solar prominences

The NASA Spacecraft Captured the Solar Prominences in the Sun

The NASA spacecraft, which constantly watches the Sun, at this time made an amazing
image. In the image, the solar prominences rises and the magnetic field holds them over the surface. People could observe the solar prominences for a long time, the first mention was in 1185, and it is connected with a total solar eclipse. Studying the solar prominences began in 1842. The solar storm began on March 16 and was recorded by Observatory of solar dynamics (Solar Dynamics Observatory, SDO). By the NASA spacecraft the scientists receive perfect pictures of the Sun in high resolution.  The solar prominences started rising and breaking up to parts in graceful floating style within less than four hours. The sequence was removed in extreme ultra-violet light. It seemed that the big cloud of particles soars over a surface. At this stage the Sun is in the middle of a 11-year cycle of activity. The current cycle is designated as the 24th cycle, it is expected that the peak of activity will be observed this year. The observatory of solar dynamics or SDO the space observatory of NASA is intended for studying of the Sun. It is calculated on five years of work. Start took place in February, 2010. There are different devices onboard of the NASA spacecraft, which allow receiving 12 types of images of our star. Each 12 seconds the device carries out transfer of pictures to Earth.