Solar systems twin CoRot Sol 1

The new twin of our solar system

The Brazilian astronomers reported about opening of the new twin of our solar system.
The star similar to our Sun is called as CoRot Sol 1.
Now our Sun has any more one twin. Gradually scientific opens more and more stars similar to the central star of our Solar System.
The solar twin received CoRot Sol 1 designation as it was open with help of the space Corot satellite started on 2006.
The star of CoRot Sol 1 is today the most remote Twin of our Sun.
Solar systems twin CoRot Sol 1









Just as our Sun, its’ remote twin is the yellow dwarf. This SP of small stars of the main sequence having weight from 0,8 up to 1,2 weight of the Sun and temperature of a surface 5000-6000 K. According to the name, by results of a photo material they have yellow color; though subjectively their color is perceived by the person as the purest white (hotter stars will be perceived by the person as bluish or blue). The main source of their energy is thermonuclear synthesis of helium from hydrogen.
The age of the solar twin makes 6,7 billions years. It is a little more senior than our Sun. The period of rotation of the yellow dwarf of CoRot Sol 1 makes from 24 to 29 days, and at our solar system of 25-30 days.


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