The Russian Meteor ‘s Parent Orbit and Dimensions

In the beginning of this month a meteor exploded the Russian city Chelyabinsk.The meteor damaged many buildings and wounded about 1000 people. After long observations the astronomers found that the meteor hit the Earth from the Mars. There are a lot of videos in YouTube regarding this meteor, and analyzing these videos, the astronomers from Medellin University, comes to conclusion, that the meteor belonged to the Apollo family.

russia meteor blast

They also paid attention to the hole in the Chebarkul Lake, which was also caused by the piece of the space rock. The scientists said , that according to their estimations, the meteor started to brighten when it was between 32 and 47 km in the atmosphere, and by predications of their analysis the velocity was between 13 and 19 km/s. All this information the scientists entered to the software program, which calculate the parent body orbit of meteor. Some other astronomers agree that the orbit took space farther than Mars. Meanwhile, according to measurements made by a CTBTO global network, the scientists found the dimensions of the meteor’s parent object. The asteroid had approximately 17 meter in diameter and the weight was 10000 metric tons.

The meteor hit the Earth’s atmosphere at 40,000 mph, then broke 15 miles above the surface of the Earth, which is 30-40 times more strongly, then the atomic bomb. Preliminary reports suggest that the meteor’s parent was a stone asteroid, and by the words of scientist Cook, there are million other asteroids like the asteroid, which hit the Chelyabinsk.

The  Russian meteor struck the Earth an hours before the other asteroid DA14, which was close to the Earth about 17200 miles. But, by words of astronomers, these two asteroids, are unrelated. The researchers made the Feb 15 a day of cosmic coincidences.