Curiosity Mars Rover

The shocking secret of Mars was unexpectedly opened by Mars Curiosity

A research of the most mysterious planet which stores for us a set of riddles proceeds. Recently from Mars comes the most unexpected news, regarding the secret of Mars. Mars Curiosity rover managed to find out strong evidences of that once far back in the past the Red planet could be quite suitable for life. According to results of research by the American space agency (NASA), careful analyses of the atmosphere of Mars show that this planet not strongly differed more than 4 billion years ago from Earth. During an era about which researchers speak, the atmosphere of Mars was much denser, and a planet surface – warm and damp. Mars Curiosity rover helped scientists to specify chemical and isotope composition of the Martian atmosphere, and also to find out hints that the most part of air of Mars disappeared in space about 4 billion years ago.

By the words of Christopher Webster from Laboratory of jet movement of NASA they recorded unusually high shares of heavy isotopes in the atmosphere of Mars. As easy isotopes leave the planet atmosphere, than heavy easier, it can be considered as a sign of that air of the Red planet really evaporated in space. Apparently, there were two such episodes — sharp disappearance of the most part of stocks 4 billion years ago and gradual leak in the next years.

Analyzing the reasons of breakages, since the 60th and till today, designers each time faced a chain of ridiculous accidents which became fatal. As though someone traced experiments made in privacy and broke flight. But even the devices which flying up close to Mars and have sat down on its surface, quite often experienced on them its mysterious influence. Mars Curiosity rover also didn’t avoid this fate. The robot burned the laser the Martian soil – and right there one of its major knots failed. In 1988 to the satellite of Mars sent two Soviet devices. Only one reached. Before disappearing, it recorded in the field of the review, around the Fobos, unknown object of the considerable sizes. Scientists can’t still answer a question that such the Fobos. Many are sure that this is not the satellite of Mars, and the ancient spaceship, the interplanetary station protecting a planet with help of a special invisible board. It ruins devices.

Frank mystifications and the surprising secret of Mars did it the most mysterious planet for us. Any of planets didn’t cause so many emotions and sacred horror. But, despite it, people always felt with it any inexplicable communication.