Orion nebula

The telescope opened an improbable fiery ribbon in the nebula of Orion

In Chile the telescope took the tremendous new picture of the space tape flickering in a  nebula of Orion more than in 1000 light years from Earth.

The new image published by the European southern observatory today (on May 15).The scientists described as “a fiery ribbon” red gas and a dust, shining in a belt of constellation of Orion. Tape is a small part of huge area of a star formation in the Universe. Scientists of ESO used a telescope in Chile to process video about a cloud of a dust, which unites to create new stars.

Big light clouds in the top right corner of the image are known as a nebula of Orion, which also is called as Messier 42. The nebula of Orion is the brightest part of a huge star, where new stars are born, and is the closest massive region of a star formation to Earth

Though on the image the clouds of red dust and gas can look heated, actually they are cold. APEX telescope in Chile took the picture in lengths of waves invisible to a human eye. On this image the hottest blue luminescence, while the coldest have an orange shade. More neutral of tone on a photo show the same site of the sky in a visible range of light. On this image the fiery ribbon disappears from a look, because the cooled particles of a dust block flickering light.

On submillimetric waves a mote are shone because of their temperature on some tens degrees is higher than absolute zero.

Dust clouds star winds and the gravitational collapse, creating “fine threads, sheets and bubbles”, which appear in photos manipulate.