Titans Underground Ocean

According to new studies on Titan, which is the largest of Saturn’s more than 60 known moons, may there are an underground ocean, hidden under a thick ice shell.Rose-Marie Baland of the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels and her colleagues with the help NASA’s Cassini spacecraft analyzed data on the characteristics of Titan’s rotation and found that movement of Titan around Saturn reminds the motion of the Moon around the Earth. He always “looks” on one side of Saturn, and the deviation his axis rotation from the vertical does not exceed 0.3 degrees.

According to new studies scientists have concluded that Titan’s tilt and moment of inertia don’t make much sense if the moon is a completely solid body,  so Balan and her colleagues suppose that under the ice cover is present liquid water ocean. They suppose that ocean on Titan is made of water.However, if note that on the surface of Titan flow river of liquid methane, not excluded, that the ocean on Titan is also made of liquid methane.

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