Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10

A total lunar eclipse will take place for the most part of the world will happen on December 10, 2011. The sky will darken on the night when the moon will pass through the Earth’s dark umbral shadow. The moon will be fully covered for about 1 hour and 20 minutes while the whole eclipse will last about 3.5 hours. This eclipse will be best seen in Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, where it will take place after the sunset on the Saturday, December 10th. Hawaii and North America will also be able to see the total lunar eclipse but since it will be before the sunset, it will not be seen as clear as in other above mentioned locations. In northeast Africa, northern and eastern Europe, the eclipse will not be noticed since the moon will already be in eclipsewhen it will rise at sunset.

The moon will appear very low and dust in this part of the world. You may want to pay a special attention to the color of the eclipse that is dependent on atmosphere conditions. For example, volcanic activities make the eclipse darker almost completely hiding the moon’s edge in the sky. Otherwise, in clear atmosphere conditions, moon eclipse appears to be in coppery-red color. HITS: To better enjoy the eclipse, check exactly when the eclipse takes place in your region; find out a dark and deserted place to observe the eclipse from. Since eclipse takes couple of hours, set up a comfortable place and for the best result take binocular or portable telescopes with you for enhancing the view of the eclipse. Enjoy the spectacular lunar performance!