Twins Probes Will be Able to Find the Last Missing Piece of Lunar Puzzle

NASA’s twins probes, Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, which is planned to start in September 2011, will be able to find the last missing piece of the lunar puzzle by studying the internal structure of the Earth satellite.GRAIL mission involves the launch of two similar probes in parallel orbits around the Moon at an altitude of 55 kilometers. Measuring the distance between vehicles, which will evolve as they pass through the lunar gravitational anomalies, scientists will creat the satellite gravity map and get an idea about the internal structure of the Moon.

Twins probs will go to the Moon by the so-called “route of fuel economy”, so in order to achieve the planned orbit, they will need 3.5-4 months.According to scientists, study of the Moon,   is   the most  available way to learn about the “young” Earth-like planets, including Earth itself, as the Moon on the surface and the internal structure has retained all stages of development of such celestial body.