Didymos Asteroid

Two New Spacecrafts for Impacting Didymos Asteroid

The scientists from Europe and United States have plans to smash a spacecraft for

discovering the space rock of huge asteroid nearby in 2022. AIDA plans to send two new spacecrafts to the Didymos asteroid. The scientists think that the Didymos has no chance to impact the Earth, which is a greatest target of this mission. Didymos asteroid  is a double asteroid system, which includes two separate space rocks. The main asteroid has huge dimensions- approximately 2625 feet. It is orbited by a small orbit approximately 490 feet. The Didymos asteroid setup is a big target for scientists, as it will allow them to look a binary rock system for the first time. Also, this will give the chance to scientists to deflect the dangerous asteroids, which can impact the Earth.

In 2022, the distance between the Didymous asteroid and the Earth will be 6,8 million miles.

The builders of the first spacecraft named DART suggests to probe the DART crash in the smaller Didymos asteroid, during the travelling at 14,000 miles per hour. The second spacecraft named Asteroid Impact Monitor (AIM) will observe the impact from a distance, for exactly understanding the influence of impact of asteroid.

The scientists are not sure of the right composition of the Didymous asteroids. They could be rocks, which are travelling together through the solar system. But during the impact the Dart into  the asteroids, the scientists can measure the dimensions of the asteroid‘s orbit affection. The cost of AIM spacecraft will be 150 million Euros, and the cost of Dart spacecraft will be $150 million.