Pluto new satellites

Two satellites of Pluto received official names

On Jul 02 declared that two satellites of Pluto received official names. In recent years in a dwarfish planet were found earlier unknown two natural satellites.  Now the total of satellites of Pluto equals to five.  This is Charon, Nikta, the Hydra, the Kerberos and Styx.  And, the last two satellites of Pluto were found with help of the wide-angle Wide Field Camera 3 chamber which is established on a space telescope Hubble.  The last two satellites were open in 2011 and 2012.  After opening they temporarily received P4 and P5 designations. Throughout long time astronomers from the International Astronomical Union didn’t know how to call new satellites of a dwarfish planet Pluto, yet didn’t decide to pick up names for objects of P4 and P5 by public vote. So, yesterday was made the decision to call the last two natural satellites of Pluto with the names Kerberos and Styx. Astronomers from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) officially reported that the names Kerberos and Styx offered by broad masses were unanimously accepted. According to preliminary estimates, diameter of the Kerberos satellite opened by a space telescope Hubble makes from 13 to 34 km, and diameter of Styx is from 15 to 24 km. The Kerberos lies between orbits Nikta and Hydra. Styx it is located between Charon and Nikta.