Saturn and moon

Unusual occurrence – Saturn will approach to the Moon

On May 22 we will be able to observe bright and quite unusual occurrence when planet  Saturn will come nearer to the Moon. This week is really full interesting astronomical of events. So, besides, that this week Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will gather on the evening sky in the form of a triangle with the parties about 2 degrees, we also will be able to observe rather bright planet Saturn near our natural satellite. Today the Moon enters a full moon phase. It will approach with Saturn as much as possible and “will concern” bottom edge of northern border of a terrestrial penumbra. Then will pass through zodiac constellations of the Lion, the Maiden, Scales, the Scorpion and the Sagittarius, possessing night visibility. The card of the night sky for May 22 was provided by workers from Laboratory of Jet Movement (NASA).  On the card are shown locations of the Moon and Saturn on the relation to each other and to zodiac constellations of the Lion and the Maiden. In spite of the fact that our natural satellite is much closer in relation to the earth, than planet Saturn, on May 22 they will seem nearby and at one distance from Earth. Today the Moon will be in 363 000 kilometers from our planet, while Saturn is located at distance 1,33 billion years from Earth surface.

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