Is Vesta Asteroid or Dwarf planet

Is Vesta Asteroid or Dwarf planet?

Vesta was seen 200 years ago as officially a “minor planet”, a body that rotates around the sun, but isn’t planet or comet.Many astronomers call Vesta an asteroid because it lies in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.But wide of most of objects in the main belt is 62 miles(100 kilometers) or smaller, and Vesta’s is 329 miles(530 km).So If it is an asteroid, it would be the second-largest in the solar system. According to Some scientists the onion-like structure of Vesta makes its more like planets such as Earth, Venus and Mars than the other asteroids.In our solar systemls there are more than 540,000 minor planets ,which include Ceres. But Vesta doesn’t qualify as one of those.And now NASA’s Dawn spacecraft have to study it. According a master plan of Nasa’s scientists, when Dawn arrives at Vesta in July, the south pole will be in full sunlight, which will give scientists a clear view of a huge crater there.The spacecraft Dawn will take many measurements, including high-resolution data of Vesta’s surface composition, topography and texture.Scientists hope that this mission can help them get all the answers to their questions about Vesta.