The Water of Lunar Magma

NASA’s researchers has measured for the first time water from the moon in the form of tiny globules of molten rock, which have turned to glass-like material trapped within crystals. This measu rements show that the water content of lunar magma is 100 times higher than previous studies suggested. Water contents ranging from 615 to 1,410 parts per million.According this new discovery researchers also think that sulfur, fluorine and chlorine in terrestrial and lunar mantles were close.The new results show that the existing theory of the “giant impact” of Moon’s formation, there are some questions. 

That theory predicted very low water content of lunar rock due to catastrophic degassing during the collision of Earth with a Mars-sized body very early  in its history. The study puts a new twist on the origin of water-ice detected in craters at the lunar poles by several recent NASA missions. Researchers think that some part of this water could appear as a result of degassing magma flows during the eruption.