Can We Recognize Alien Life If We See It?

Can We Recognize Alien Life If We See It?

The question of whether aliens or alien life exist or not, has always been unsolved. And now NASA team thinks about whether they will be able to recognize life elsewhere if they see it.

It is evident that in the last decade astronomers have discovered thousands of planets outside of our Milky Way galaxy. We have learnt that the planets are rocky; the temperature is corresponding to the state that may be existed life there. So, to know all this fact, you will probably have a great eager to find out the mystery and in the end see them (if really they exist).

This question torments much more to NASA team; a group of reserachers in astronomy, biology and geology have come together under NASA’s Nexus for Exoplanet System Science, or NExSS, to search alien life on distant planets.

“We’re moving from theorizing about life elsewhere in our galaxy to a robust science that will eventually give us the answer we seek to that profound question: Are we alone?” said Martin Still, NASA exoplanet scientist at Headquarters, Washington.

What does the planet look like that may be existed alien life?

In scientist’s opinion they should open to the possibility that life may arise in many contexts in a galaxy with so many diverse worlds —  perhaps with purple-colored life instead of the familiar green-dominated life forms on Earth.

“On early Earth, we wouldn’t be able to see oxygen, despite abundant life,” said Victoria Meadows, an astronomer at the University of Washington in Seattle and lead author of one of the papers. “Oxygen teaches us that seeing, or not seeing, a single biosignature is insufficient evidence for or against life — overall context matters.”

So, NASA team “NExSS scientists” will create a framework that can say how likely it is that a planet has life, based on all the available evidence.

“We won’t have a “yes” or “no” answer to finding life elsewhere,” said astrobiologist Shawn Domagal-Goldman. “What we will have is a high level of confidence that a planet appears alive for reasons that can only be explained by the presence of life.”

Source: NASA