The World First Space Hotel

Russia has announced plans to create a unique space hotel in orbit, in which can be placed seven people in four cabins. In this hotel guests can enjoy views of the Earth.Travelers will be delivered to the orbit with the help Union spacecraft. Tour of the Earth’s orbit will cost 500 thousand pounds, and the road to the station will take two days. Project of Space Hotel is involved company Orbital Technologies and RSC Energy. Commercial Space Station (CCS), which is scheduled to open in 2016,  will  be much more comfortable than the ISS. Thus, in a hotel in orbit will be a real shower, vertical and horizontal beds.Tourists will eat not from the tubes as they are now astronauts, and a full meal, which is delivered to   the   hotel   by   the   same    Union  spacecraft.  And from drinks would be banned only alcoholic.The crew of the CCR will perform functions of maintenance staff.