The World Fastest Plane

Hypersonic aircraft X-43A is the fastest airplane in the world. This is unmanned plane, which at the time of testing showed fantastic speed 11 230 km / h, which is about 9.6 times faster than the speed of sound. Over the design and construction of aircraft X-43A worked specialists of NASA, MicroCraft Inc, Orbital Sciences Corporation, and others. The fastest aircraft in the world no is large. Wingspan of the fastest aircraft in the world   is  1.5   meters   and   a   length   of   3.6   meters.  It   has    an   experimental single-flow engine in supersonic combustion SCRamjet (Supersonic Combustion Ramjet). The main feature of this engine is the absence of moving parts. As a fuel is used mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. It doesn’t use special tanks for storing oxygen. 

Oxygen is taken directly from the atmosphere. Such a solution can significantly reduce the mass of speedy aircraft. The result of engine operation is normal water vapor. Scientists believe that in the future hypersonic aircraft will be able to reach any point on the globe in just three to four hours.