Video map of the movement of galaxies near Universe

The international team of researchers created the video map of the movement of galaxies neighbor the Universe in more detail, than before. Video map is provides dynamic three-dimensional idea of the Universe with help of turn, scrolling and scaling. The space project Streams planned visible and dark matter density round our galaxy Milky Way at distance of 300 million light years. Our galaxy Milky Way lies in a congestion of 100000 galaxies. The movement of tectonic plates shows properties of an interior of Earth. And the movement of galaxies shows information on the main components of the Universe, which is dark energy and dark matter. Dark energy is the mysterious force, which causes expansion of the Universe.

Three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0 for Cars

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0.Right on the dashboard of a car it will show all the places in which you go the streets, the houses, the prices in the surrounding restaurants. In addition, he will know how to bypass traffic congestion.
Navigator makes the whole interior of the car on the screen with dozens of interactive gauges, ranging from the technical condition of cars and congestion and ending discounts in shops along the road and time of arrival home. This program will adapt to the wishes of the driver.