3D printed lithium ion batteries

Technology of the 3D printed lithium ion batteries

The American physicists and engineers managed to develop technology of the three-dimensional press of lithium ion batteries of a food. The size of the received batteries makes about a millimeter, and the main scope of application developers call implanted devices. The electrodes of the new lithium ion battery turn out is thinner than a human hair while process of the press is completely automated and uses already existing models of three-dimensional printers. The main problem for the scientists was the selection of ink, a material used by the printer. Researchers managed to pick up substance which combines high electric conductivity with ability instantly to harden at contact with air and to remain liquid in the three dimensional printer.

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Bionic Ear

Break in medicine – engineers created the bionic ear

Engineers of Princeton University developed the bionic ear containing the sensitive to radio antenna waves and living cells. For creation of a bionic ear engineers used layer-by-layer material with help of usual 3D – printers. Hydrogel became a basis of an artificial organ. Upon completion of the press “preparation” incubated with culture of cages, which were attached to a surface of a bionic ear. The increased conductivity and the corresponding form of silver channels did them sensitive to radio waves, but in the developed prototype this antenna there is nothing was to connect. Authors specify that potentially current of such antennas it will be possible to raise neurons directly. The main purpose of the founders of a bionic ear was the technology of combination of electric and biological components in a uniform living tissue.

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Full color 3D printer

BotObjects presented the first full-color 3D printers

The manufacturing company of the software of BotObjects presented to the world the first full-color desktop the 3D printer. The BotObjects company created not simply the first the 3D ProDesk3D printer with full of color, but thanks to the anodized aluminum case, undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful. The purpose of the company was to think of how full of color 3D printers can look in 5 years to draw a line between ProDesk3D and its “contemporaries”. For the color printing, it uses system of the cartridges filled with polystyrene latex, capable to mix five basic flowers. As botObjects describes itself as the company according to the software and understands all problems connected with its installation, ProDesk3D works “directly from a box”: simply connect it to a network, it will be established automatically.

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Nanoscale 3D Printed Race Car

Using a technique known as two-photon lithography, Austrian researchers have developed a high-precision 3D printer capable of producing nanometer sized objects in the shape of race cars, cathedrals, and bridges in a matter of minutes. The high-precision 3D printer at TU Vienna is purportedly orders of magnitude faster than similar devices, and opens up new areas of applications, such as in medicine.The super fast nano-printer uses a liquid resin, which is hardened at precisely the correct spots by a focused laser beam.

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