mysterious object

Top 10 Facts about Mysterious Object Oumuamua that We Force to Know

NASA scientists have conducted top 10 facts about the strange and mysterious object known as Oumuamua that we need knowing. This strange visitor is the first object ever seen in the solar system that is known to have originated elsewhere.  And NASA team has prepared 10 facts about Oumuamua that maybe we know or maybe we do not know which passes through our solar system.

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Can We Recognize Alien Life If We See It?

Can We Recognize Alien Life If We See It?

The question of whether aliens or alien life exist or not, has always been unsolved. And now NASA team thinks about whether they will be able to recognize life elsewhere if they see it. It is evident that in the last decade astronomers have discovered thousands of planets outside of our Milky Way galaxy. We have learnt that the planets are rocky; the temperature is corresponding to the state that may be existed life there. So, to know all this fact, you will probably have a great eager to find out the mystery and in the end see them (if really they exist).

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K2-155d Exoplanet discovered One May Be Habitable

15 New Exoplanets Are Discovered: One May Be Habitable

Today our report is dedicated exoplanets, it seems that we have some interesting news for you. Let’s find out together.
Astronomers reported that they discovered 15 new exoplanets in our solar system. The new exoplanets were found orbiting small and cool stars. It is also called red dwarf stars. Among these exoplanets, 3 were discovered to be super-Earths, which are to some extent bigger in size than our Home planet.
One of the new discovered exoplanets are called K-155 and it is around 200 light years away from Earth and is considered the brightest red dwarf stars. K2-155’s system includes three super-Earths, the super-Earth orbiting the furthest away from the star could be within its habitable zone. K2-155d had a radius that is 1.6 times larger than that of Earth. Teruyuki Hirano, the lead researcher of the new study, from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, said “In our simulations, the atmosphere and the composition of the planet were assumed to be Earth-like, and there’s no guarantee that this is the case.”

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Well-known Physicist thinks We Will Meet Aliens After Years

Well-known Physicist thinks We Will Meet Aliens After Years

This is very extraordinary and interesting announcement that Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and futurist, declared. Answering the question whether the Human being can meet Aliens in some time, the professor at the City University of New York replied that while he was sticking his neck out, he believed we would make contact within this century. Kaku predicts that radio technology may have an opportunity to let people listen the conversations of alien. Only listening them and know that they are there is not enough to understand what they are saying, he said.

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Top 10 Facts Aliens Exists

Top 10 Facts Aliens Exist

For many years humanity is looking for the answers to the questions: Are we alone in the universe? Does aliens life exist?. People have different opinion regarding these questions. Some thinks aliens exist and there are other civilizations in the universe besides us, others claim the Earth is the only planet in the universe where life exists.
However, day by day we meet new facts and see new evidence that approve we are not alone.
Below are the top 10 facts approving that aliens are real.

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Red dwarfs exoplanets

60 billion alien planets in a manned space of red dwarfs

Published the new research, allowing to calculate influence of clouds on climate of alien planets, rotating round red dwarfs. Conclusions of participants of the joint group of the Chicago and Northwest universities are based on exact computer modeling of behavior of clouds in the atmosphere of alien planets. But besides purely scientific interest, this research also allows to draw a conclusion that existence of a cloudy cover twice expands a manned space of red dwarfs. And it means that only in one galaxy in a manned zone of the stars there can be over 60 billion alien planets. The formula for calculation of a manned space of alien planets is places where they can keep liquid water on the surface. But it is insufficiently exact as almost doesn’t consider existence of clouds in the atmosphere of exoplanet.

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Exoplanet HR8799c

HR8799c Exoplanet Atmosphere contains Water Vapor

In the atmosphere of an alien planet HR8799c, which distance from the Earth is approximately 130 light years, the astronomers found vapor of water and carbon monoxide. The astronomers say that in the HR8799c planet, there is no methane, which is a gas that indicates life. The astronomical measurements, which the astronomers did during their observations, are the most precise measurements, which the astronomers have ever made outside of our solar system. Astronomers have founded over 1000 planets beyond our solar system since 1990. Among them the HR8799c is the huge planet. The mass of HR8799c, is approximately seven times more that the mass of Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system. It circles a star with three other planets.

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kepler-37b exoplanet

The Smallest Exoplanet Kepler 37b

Astronomers discovered a little exoplanet, which has less dimensions and weight, than the smallest planet Mercury in the solar system. The planet Kepler 37b moves around the star in Lira constellation every 13 days. It has 210 light years distance from the Earth. This planet is stone planet, and has approximately 427 Celsius temperature, because of that fact, there cannot go any speech about life.The moon-size Kepler 37b is so close to its parent star, at just 0.10 AU, that it likely has no atmosphere or liquid water on its surface.Kepler 37b was discovered by telescope “Kepler”. The $600 million Kepler mission launched in March 2009, and has found more than 2,740 candidate alien worlds so far.

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Rogue alien planet

Rogue Alien Planet CFBDSIR2149

Astronomer Philippe Delorme from the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics of Grenoble in France and his team discovered  a potential rogue alien planet  CFBDSIR2149 using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, wandering alone just 100 light-years from Earth, suggesting that such starless worlds may be extremely common across the galaxy.The free-floating object, called CFBDSIR2149, is likely a gas giant planet four to seven times more massive than Jupiter, scientists say in a new study unveiled today (Nov. 14). The planet cruises unbound through space relatively close to Earth (in astronomical terms; the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light-years wide), perhaps after being booted from its own solar system.

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