Kaspersky Lab found new mobile trojan for iOS and Android smartphones

At the conference Going Underground in London, KL experts told that found new mobile trojan for iOS and Android, included in the platform to spy on users Remote Control Systems (RCS) from the company HackingTeam. Malicious modules are part of the platform RSC, also known as Galileo. HackingTeam company sells software licenses Galileo public, including law enforcement agencies. Trojans can transmit data about the location of the victim, take snapshots from cameras, copy the data from the calendar and information about new sim-cards, as well as to intercept calls and messages from Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.

Google Officially announced the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 Kitkat

On October 31 Google announced a new version of its Android mobile platform and new Nexus 5 smartphone as the first device to run the new OS. Android 4.4, has faster multitasking and full voice control, according to Google, and a smarter caller ID system so that if the number dialing in isn’t on your contacts list then Android will take a guess at who it is using businesses listed on Google Maps. KitKat devices can now send documents to printers directly using Google Cloud Print or HP’s ePrint system, and Quickoffice has been redesigned to make finding files easier and editing documents and spreadsheets more simple. The email application has also had a facelift, as has the download function.
The new Nexus is the slimmest one yet at 69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59mm and weighs in at 130g. Google claims the 2,300mAh battery is good for 17 hours talk time, 300 hours of standby and 8.5 hours of use with Wi-Fi, or seven hours on LTE. Wireless charging and NFC is also built in.

BOINC Android application will help the scientific researches

The BOINC Android application for Android phones and tablets, developed by researchers of the Californian University in Berkeley, allows each user to take part in important scientific researches. It is possible to download it in Google Play shop. With help of the new appendix not used computing capacities of the Android phone are involved for mathematical calculations of various projects for which existence of supercomputers usually is required. For example, thus it is possible to promote scientific researches or studying of diseases, processes of global warming, opening of new stars. The appendix works only when the Android phone is connected to the power supply network and is loaded, and after the battery will be charged more than for 95%.

Google will release the Google video game console and digital watch on Android

Google develops the video game console and a watch. Both devices will apply the Android operating system. Exit terms, the price and characteristics of Google video game console and watches aren’t specified. Probably, Google was engaged in these projects only because of aspiration to compete with the “apple” company which develops “clever watches” and the Google video game console on the basis of the Apple TV prefix. It is supposed that in the autumn of this year the Google Company will submit the new Android version under the name Lime Pie. It characteristic features will be ability to work at low-power smartphones and support of quite wide number of devices – from laptops to watches. Google, besides the Google video game console and watches, creates also absolutely new generation of Nexus Q media players.

The first tablet Iriver ITQ701 WOW from Iriver

Iriver presents the first compact ITQ701 WOW tablet computer with the IPS screen, high efficiency and a modern operating system. The model is equipped with the 7-inch display with an IPS matrix created on the Hitachi and NEC technologies, allowing increasing a review corner to 178 degrees, and the high-performance NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor providing fast performance of the most complex challenges. Thanks to the small sizes and small weight, the tablet becomes the beautiful partner on any trips and the reliable assistant in work.

Opera released the new web browser for Android

The Software Company Opera submitted the final version of the new browser for the Android mobile operating system. The web observer is based on WebKit cursor while the previous Opera browsers used Presto cursor. Besides change of a cursor, Opera Software changed the browser interface: now in it, there is a Recommendations tool (Discover). It displays the latest news on subjects interesting the user. At the same time the new browser kept the lines inherent in earlier mobile web observers of Opera. It is the compression function of a traffic and “Express panel” for work with bookmarks. The address line and line of search in the browser are combined, and the user can switch over between tabs, driving a finger on the screen.

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