Asimo Honda robot

Asimo Honda robot failed examination during own demonstration

On July 3 in a museum of science of Miraikan Honda showed the Asimo Honda robot. During the demonstration visitors were witnesses of how the robot confused people who raised hands for questions, with those who lifted phones for photographing implementation. The Asimo Honda robot stiffened in the middle of an event, continually repeating the programmed offer “Who wants to ask the question Asimo?” Duties of the robot include recognition of speech and providing answers to public questions, as is the most difficult task in development of robots. Also he is able to distinguish the child though, yet without understanding sense of its address or any other actions. The Asimo Honda robot guide is connected by radio connection to six sensors, located in a ceiling, for definition of a place of gathering of people in a museum. During own demonstration of Asimo went on a hall and answered a question of the features, projecting charts on the large-format screen. According to the company, in the humanoid are programmed 100 answers to the prepared questions.

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