Robonaut 2 Will Return to Earth at the End of This Spring

NASA’s Robonaut 2 which costs $2.5 million is the first humanoid ever to fly in space. Robonaut 2 was launched on STS-133 on February 24, 2011. NASA indicates “Robonauts are essential to NASA’s future as we go beyond low Earth orbit”, and Robonaut 2 will provide performance data about how a robot may work side-by-side with astronauts”. Robonaut is expected to come back at the end of this spring as early as May.

Twins Astronauts: How Astronaut DNA Differs from His Twin Brother

Twins astronauts have lived a year separate from each other. One of the twins astronauts  Scott Kelly has recently spent one year in space, while his identical twin brother Mark (a former NASA astronaut himself) stayed on Earth. The mission was part of an important health experiment, looking at how being in space affects our bodies. “Mark and Scott Kelly are still identical twins; Scott’s DNA did not fundamentally change,” wrote NASA news chief Kelly Humphries in an email. “What researchers did observe are changes in gene expression, which is how your body reacts to your environment”.