High Efficiency Solar Panels Demonstrated on Ski Helmet

The researchers at the Frauenhofer Institute have recently come up with some flexible solar cells that are durable enough to use in objects such as helmets. By the end of the year, these highly efficient flexible solar cells (more than 20 percent) will be available on the market. A unit will cost around 100 Euros. These solar cells are made of mono crystalline silicon and so the risk of rupture is not at all.

High Speed Hybrid Scooter Concept

Designed designer Ramon Ramirez, 2ICE (pronounced Twice), is a hybrid high-speed single bike and a scooter for two.Fully electric bike is equipped with a built-in electric motor that works not only on the external charge, but also uses electricity generated from the rotation of the wheel and its inhibition. A similar regenerative braking technology available today.Inaddition, 2Ice advantage is that you can go to one and at any time to themselves to plant another passenger. Being completely harmless, this is guaranteed to deliverelektrobayk the environment from carbon emissions.