Powerful Stream of Gas Moving Toward the Black Hole

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory for the first time captured powerful stream of gas rushes to the massive black hole. The observations will help tackle two of the most fundamental problems in modern astrophysics: understanding how black holes grow and how matter behaves in their intense gravity. The black hole is at the center of a large galaxy known as NGC 3115, which is located about 32 million light years from Earth. As gas flows toward a black hole, it becomes squeezed, making it hotter and brighter.

Energy Source of Quasars

Black holes are rarely in a quiet condition. They not only rotate but can move up and down of the home galaxy. Researchers from Brigham Young University conducted a study of this movement and came to the conclusion that both types of motion of black holes provided with energy one of the brightest objects in the Universe, such as quasars

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