Car of the Future

Twin concept car SoftShell Velomobile is a project of Martin Miklika. The car is made of lightweight and durable materials (carbon type). The car is perfect for walks on the beach near the water. Car can boast of excellent technical performance and efficiency.

Three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0 for Cars

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a three-dimensional GPS Navigator AIDA 2.0.Right on the dashboard of a car it will show all the places in which you go the streets, the houses, the prices in the surrounding restaurants. In addition, he will know how to bypass traffic congestion.
Navigator makes the whole interior of the car on the screen with dozens of interactive gauges, ranging from the technical condition of cars and congestion and ending discounts in shops along the road and time of arrival home. This program will adapt to the wishes of the driver.

Car for the Blind Man

Since 2010, the Company Virginia Tech are developing a car that could manage the blind man. Driving will be done by the blind, and will not be sold to any external devices, as is sometimes suggested by other developers.In developing the model of the car was planned that the management is divided into three stages, receiving information on the surrounding environment by car, computer processing and transfering it to the driver to non-visual ways.

Volkswagen Present a System of Driving Auto Pilot

Volkswagen has developed a system “autopilot” for car driving without a driver. The new system is called Temporary Auto Pilot. This is the first step toward unmanned driving. The system operates in coordination with passive safety car, such as speed control and route choice. At this stage, an innovative system of Temporary Auto Pilot by Volkswagen can only temporarily operate independently under the strict control of driver.

A New Service for Owners of Volvo Cars

Volvo Car Corporation offers a new service for owners of Volvo cars from a mobile application developed by the Swedes, which give the ooportunity to control the car at a distance.For control a car need an iPhone or any smartphone that runs on OC Android, and aslo car must have the latest version of Volvo On Call system, which appears in the new Volvo models since 2012

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