The World Lightest Cell Phone

Willcom, the Japanese mobile carrier announced a ten-key cell phone. This is the world’s lightest cellphone which called the WX03A. The device is super tiny at W32 × H70 × D10.5 mm, which is only slightly bigger than a mini packet of Orbit chewing gum. WX03A weighs in just 33g.

Samsung Galaxy Q With 5.3-inch Super Amoled Display

According to Korean unit of Yahoo, Samsung is working on a new smartphone of Family Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Q, which will absorb the ideas and tablet, and smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Q must have a large 5.3-inch Super Amoled display and say that it can be presented to the public at the IFA 2011, which will be held in September in Berlin. Company Samsung offers a variety smartphone with different sizes of displays.

The Original Phone Concept Von

Designer Funamizu Mack introduced his next creation, quite unusual concept phone Von, which has extraordinary three functions: the reception of messages, open the unread “tweets”, and also listening the music. For example, in order to open a message you must knock over the phone, and if there are messages, the smartphone “will respond.”

The Thinnest Phone CM1

At the exhibition CommunicAsia and Computex 2011 was presented a model of mobile phone with size and thickness, comparable with the size of a credit card, suitable for any multi-function device.However, this device is the most common conservative phone, running a quad-band GSM with a basic set of functions (memory for 500 contacts, calculator, alarm clock), the screen is bicolor, dimensions of this device CM1 are 85,5 x55, 6×6

Mobile Phones that will Charge from the Fire

The Japanese producer TES New Energy invented a new device for charging mobile handheld devices, mobile phones.This new gadget, called Hatsuden-Nabe, will allow to charge some device from a pot of boiling water or burning fire.The effect of this gadget is based on the thermoelectric conversion, which will turn the heat of boiling liquid and fire into electrical energy.

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