An Innovative Bracelet MYO from Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs company presented an innovative bracelet MYO in Barcelona. With this bracelet it is possible to control different electronic devices. This MYO device allows to operate the equipments by gestures, particularly, the user can operate the music or video in computer, supervise the flight of toy helicopter etc. Thalmic Labs company presented an innovative bracelet in Barcelona. With this bracelet it is possible to control different electronic devices. This MYO device allows to operate the equipments by gestures, particularly, the user can operate the music or video in computer, supervise the flight of toy helicopter etc.

ASUS FONEPAD an innovative Device from ASUS

In World Mobile Congress which was at February 25 in Bareslona, Asus announced an innovative Device Asus Fonepad. This is 7 inch tablet with 3G voice and all features of smartphone. Asus Fonepad equipped Intel® Atom™ Z2420 processor with Android 4.1, this fact gives wide viewing and clarity to HD display. The combination of 3G mobile with the telephony support, brings the perfect result of a tablet and phone in one device. Continuing the collaboration of Intel with Asus by producing the Z2420 processor, the company gives to users the power, flexibility, and range of performance, by one word- innovative device – Asus Fonepad.

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 Console

Sony produced new generation of gaming console PlayStation 4, which is equipped X86 architecture processor.This fact will help game developers to create games easily.PlayStation 4 should compete with Microsoft Xbox console of new generation, which is not presented yet. Now there are three main game producers – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, but only Sony released the console of new generation – Wii U. The new DualShock 4 gamepad, with which PlayStation 4 will be completed, will significantly differ from those, which had used before. The game control device has touch panel and light diodes, which control the gamepad position by camera. In PlayStation 4 the main functions are social functions. For example, gamers can record and exchange with each other some videos from game process. PlayStation 4 has many games, among them Killzone actions, Shadow Fall, Infamous, Second Son etc. Sales of the new stationary game console Sony PlayStation 4 will begin at the end of the current year.

3Doodler The World’s First 3D Printing Pen

Users of Kickstarter was able to invest a new project – 3D printing pen 3Doodler, which will allow you to create three dimensional objects in the air. Within hours, the project was able to collect 530.000 $, though initially needed was 30.000 $,according to manufacturer the pen on sale will appear in the autumn of this year, and its cost will be 75 $. The creators have promised that everyone who transferred 75 $ or more will be presented to 3d printing pen. Create three-dimensional figures using this pen is quite simple: the user holding the pen in his hand, “paints” it in space, creating a three-dimensional figures. The device weighs about 200 grams,it is depending by the electricity. 3Doodler visually resembles gun filled with hot glue. Plastic pen tucked ABS / PLA, then its heating up to 270 degrees, after which liquid plastic goes through the top of a metal tip. At this stage, the pen is powered by electricity and depends on the socket, but then the developers promise to build a device that will run on batteries.

Lernstift Digital Pen Based on Linux

Lernstift digital pen notifies the user about all cases of misspellings. The pen works on the basis of Linux. Special sensors track the movement and allow to detect errors, and in case of their detection comes vibrating signal. Lernstift works in two modes: Calligraphy Mode and Orthography Mode. In the mode of calligraphy pen notifies the error in calligraphy, and in the orthography mode identifies spelling and grammar errors. There are two varieties of digital pen. So, the first generation of devices should appear in the middle of 2013. It will be handle with motion sensors and the system, to identify the words.

The Forces of Great Britain Armed with a 16 gram helicopter Black Hornet Nano

According to UK Ministry of Defense British Forces in Afghanistan received miniature spy drone, 16 gram helicopter Black Hornet Nano up to 10 centimeters in length and two and a half in width. Black Hornet Nano is equipped with a miniature camera that can transmit both video and photos. Despite its compact size Black Hornet Nano is capable of operating in critical weather conditions. According to BBC News, the device is equipped with a battery and can cover up to 800 feet in the air or up to 30 minutes. As reported BBC News, in the total of the British military Department has ordered 160 Black Hornet Nano to 20 million pounds sterling (31,5 million dollars). Using the helicopters in Afghanistan began in 2012.

Galaxy Grand 5-Inch smartphone from Samsung

Samsung has announced a new 5-inch smartphone called the Galaxy Grand. The South Korean company announced the Galaxy Grand early Tuesday morning. The phone is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the company’s 5.5-inch-screen phone that is available from most U.S. carriers for $300 on a new contract. Samsung declined to say how the device would be priced, but mid-range smartphones typically sell for about $100 to $150 with a contract. Middle-of-the-road Android handset featuring a 5-inch WVGA display with 800-by-480-pixel resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Samsung GALAXY Grand runs Android 4.1.2. Samsung Galaxy Grand will be available in two versions, including a dual-SIM version that will allow users to operate two phone numbers at once, as well as make and receive calls from each specific number. The handset will also include several Samsung-specific features, like Direct Call, which enables users to dial a number by raising the handset up to their ear, and Popup Video, which allows users to watch a video in a pop-up window despite the task on hand.

Smart TV Vulnerable To Hackers

According to redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports Samsung Smart TV connected to the Internet are vulnerable to exploits by remote hackers, security researchers. Researchers uncovered the vulnerability, which exists in most Samsung models but particularly the Samsung TV LED 3D. The flaw makes it easy for hackers to locate the television’s IP address on the Internet, which can then be used to remotely access the device and gain the same level of control as someone sitting right next to the TV. Once a hacker has remote access, they could then steal data or install malicious code on the TV.

Engineers Developed Ultra Thin Water Soluble Electronics

A team of research engineers from Tufts University, University of Illinois and Northwestern University have developed ultra-thin electronic devices that can dissolve in the body. As scientists say the new invention “Water Soluble electronics” can be widely used in medical applications. According to a study published in the journal «Science», the unit is fully “dissolve” after you have made all scheduled functions. The transient electronics are made of nanomembranes of silicon and magnesium oxide that are printed with circuitry much like a PCB, offering robust performance very similar to conventional electronics. Silicone is water-soluble but to prevent immediate disintegration, components are covered in silk.

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