Sansa Clip Zip

Sandisk is introducing new device, called Sansa Clip Zip.This is very small MP3 player that has 4GB or 8GB, which can be further extended with a microSD card (32GB). When fully loaded on the storage side, it can contain 8000 songs.

Wearable Robot Hybrid Assistive Limb will Help Paralyzed Man to Visit France

A 49-year-old Japanese man who has been paralyzed for 28 years since he was involved in a car accident decided to go to a trip to France with the help of Hybrid Assistive Limb or HAL. “Robot Suit HAL” is a cyborg-type robot that can expand and improve physical capability.When a person attempts to move, nerve signals are sent from the brain to the muscles via motoneuron, moving the musculoskeletal system as a consequence.

Largest Digital Camera for a Space Mission

Scientists were able to collect the largest digital camera ever built for a space mission. The camera consists of 106 individual electronic sensors. The resulting “one billion pixels,” will serve as a super-sensitive “eye” for the mission Gaia ESA, which aims to create a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way.Gaia will map a billion stars within our own Galaxy during its five-year mission, which will begin in 2013.

Piezoelectric Plates for Charging Batteries

Researchers from the University of RMIT (Australia) and Australian National University, offered to produce batteries that accumulate the electric charge produced by piezoelectric plates. These plates produce electricity at a pressure on them. As explained by Madhu Baskaran, one of the researchers, plate, for example, can be built into the sole of the shoe that while jogging to produce electricity,

Juno Probe will Study the Internal Structure of Jupiter

Juno probe, which NASA plans to launch on August 5, 2011, will study the internal structure of Jupiter and will help scientists find out “the ingredient list” from which emerged the planets and other bodies of the Solar System.Juno which will be the farthest vehicle from the Sun at solar-powered device will reach Jupiter in 2016 and will orbit around the planet about one year.It’s planned that Juno will lead to space launch vehicle Atlas-5.

The Thinnest Phone CM1

At the exhibition CommunicAsia and Computex 2011 was presented a model of mobile phone with size and thickness, comparable with the size of a credit card, suitable for any multi-function device.However, this device is the most common conservative phone, running a quad-band GSM with a basic set of functions (memory for 500 contacts, calculator, alarm clock), the screen is bicolor, dimensions of this device CM1 are 85,5 x55, 6×6

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