Printer that Removes Inks from the Paper

Kim Soo Young has developed the concept of the printer, called Ink Remover, that removes ink from paper.This is a new concept that believes in the reverse process. Printer Ink Remover uses laser technology to clean the ink. This new device give you opportunity to reuse the old memos to print new ones.It is very easy to use.

Car for the Blind Man

Since 2010, the Company Virginia Tech are developing a car that could manage the blind man. Driving will be done by the blind, and will not be sold to any external devices, as is sometimes suggested by other developers.In developing the model of the car was planned that the management is divided into three stages, receiving information on the surrounding environment by car, computer processing and transfering it to the driver to non-visual ways.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules that don’t Require Power Supply

NEC Corporation with Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a new technology that allows you to create devices that transmit data via Bluetooth receiver and Wi-Fi, that don’t require the power. Transmitter is powered by energy from radio waves at any frequency.Design feature of the device is that they are considerably reduced in size because they don’t need the batteries.

Device With a Color Display for Reading E-Books

The Chinese company Hanvon Technology, the largest provider of electronic books in China, in first of the world begin to produce devices with using color displays that are designed by EInk Holdings.According to chairman of EIH, Scott Liu, exit of e-books’ reader with 9.68-inch display from Hanvon to the Chinese market is scheduled for July, 2011.

Mobile Device as Universal Remote

Griffin Technology Inc., one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, and Dijit Media, a San Francisco-based software company, have partnered to create Beacon™ Universal Remote Control System, a wireless AV controller,that, when paired with an iOS device, uses your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control everything in your home entertainment system without networking.Beacon connects compatible iOS device

Invisible Smartphone

Scientists of the University of Potsdam, Sean Gustafson, Patrick Baudisch, and Christian Holz created an “Invisible Smartphone “Imaginary iPhone”, which will be called as iPhone 5.This unusual invention includes a depth sensor and a sensitive camera with the help which tracked touching of users’ hands’ and then transforms them into commands, which are understandable for the mobile devices.

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