Atomic Clocks is Available in the Market

The smallest  atomic clocks became  commercially  available,  their price ranges from $1500. As the size of a matchbook, the new clock is 100 times  smaller than its predecessor.It would be interesting to note that the tiny atomic clocks were developed by a team of researchers  from Symmetricom Inc. Draper Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. Called Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC), the device consumes only 100 mW.

Worlds Smallest Computer

Seriously, the world’s smallest computer. It barely covers the “N” on a penny. The prototypical sensor device developed by researchers at the University of Michigan is intended to monitor eye pressure for glaucoma patients. It connects wirelessly to other computers and is charged with a solar cell, needing just 1.5 hours of sunlight or 10 hours of indoor light to reach full power. The mini-computer has potential for a plethora of applications, from sensing pollution, structural integrity, tracking and surveillance — virtually any way one could think of to make an object “smart.”

New Tablet From HTC

This week, the Taiwanese company HTC has introduced its new tablet. The presentation was held at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. According to the company, at the time of its device is the most competitive in the emerging market.Nevertheless, today many companies claim that their product is one of the best, whether it’s because their device is the first running Android 3.0, the first time can show 3D-content without any special glasses or has the support of 4G.

Portable Mechanical Charger

Have you ever thought about charging the battery by using a simple spring force?EnomHwaang and Ming Ho Kahn developed a new device for recharging batteries anywhere and at any time, regardless of the electrical network. Device uses a purelymechanical energy and has high efficiency. The recharging batteries is very simple. It is just creating a device like a clock and insert the battery into the slot. The operation is similar to the old clockwork toys. Device installed inside the spring which is gradually unwound, driving the shaft of the generator and producing a current. Spring and rechargeable batteries are connected to each other via the internal circuitry.

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