Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with Curved Display

Samsung is realized that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge which has a 5.6 inches display plus thin screen shaped like a strip along the edge, at 45 degree edge. This worked best when the main screen was turned off – swipe the edge and the time appears. This is perfect as a discreet bedside clock, though a bit pricier than most alarm clocks around.
The edge screen can also be used to display notifications along the strip when you’re watching a movie on the main screen. There’s also a toolbox panel of sorts that offers up quick buttons that turn the panel into a ruler, stopwatch, timer, flashlight and voice recorder.

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Holographic video display

Not long wait for cheap color and holographic video display

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology published article where report about new approach to production of holograms. It can lead to creation of color holographic video display, in production of much less expensive, than today’s displays. By the words of Daniel Smalley, the main author of article, by using this new equipment, it is possible to create a prototype of the color holographic video display with the permission of standard clearness and with a frequency of 30 frames per second. The basis of display is the optical chip Smalley made from everything, which was at hand. As a result, the main detail of the new device turned out really cheap – about $10. Each holographic video display is constructed on the principle of operation of the spatial modulator of light. The light focuses diffraction light for point formation in three-dimensional space.

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Elastic touch screen

Elastic touch screen – new generation of flexible displays

The touch screens are rather convenient invention of the person. But, unfortunately, their form is rather static: it is only flat screen, though touch. But, it is quite possible, that now everything will change. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Dary Dend and Rob Hemsli created the revolutionary flexible display, which they designated as the elastic display. Feature of the flexible display is that it is capable to change a form then without effort to come back to an initial condition. Screen surface so elastic, that the user can extend it, press and squeeze. The principle of work consists in the following. There is a 3D projector from above the display, which role consists in tracking of manipulations, which are made by the person.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand

Galaxy Grand 5-Inch smartphone from Samsung

Samsung has announced a new 5-inch smartphone called the Galaxy Grand. The South Korean company announced the Galaxy Grand early Tuesday morning. The phone is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the company’s 5.5-inch-screen phone that is available from most U.S. carriers for $300 on a new contract. Samsung declined to say how the device would be priced, but mid-range smartphones typically sell for about $100 to $150 with a contract. Middle-of-the-road Android handset featuring a 5-inch WVGA display with 800-by-480-pixel resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Samsung GALAXY Grand runs Android 4.1.2. Samsung Galaxy Grand will be available in two versions, including a dual-SIM version that will allow users to operate two phone numbers at once, as well as make and receive calls from each specific number. The handset will also include several Samsung-specific features, like Direct Call, which enables users to dial a number by raising the handset up to their ear, and Popup Video, which allows users to watch a video in a pop-up window despite the task on hand.

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Tokyoflash Watch Space Digits

Tokyoflash Watch Space Digits

Tokyoflash has unveiled a new uniquely styled watches this week with the launch of the Kisai Space Digits LCD Watch, which has been inspired by intergalactic travel. Tokyoflash watch displays the time and date digitally on one screen, and is easy to read once you take a minute to study the watch face, or watch the video after the jump which explains everything.On the Tokyoflash watch the time is displayed in hours and minutes using digits and is read from left to right, and the date – month and day, is displayed from top to bottom. As well as time and date, Tokyoflash watch has also equipped with a built in alarm, an EL backlight and a custom designed ‘warp speed’ animation which will send the display into a spin every 15 minutes.

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