Meteorites source of the phosphorus

Meteorites could become source of phosphorus in Earth

Before emergence of modern forms of the life, there were a number of the organisms, managing one RNA. But what is the source of phosphorus necessary for creation of the very first organic molecules? Now phosphorus meets in environment generally in the form of almost insoluble connections, to take from which this element of life is quite problematic. Meanwhile the analysis of samples of limestone showed that 3,5 billion years ago phosphorus was present on Earth. Scientists assumed that meteorites could be source of phosphorus. Meteorites could bring phosphorus in structure of schreibersite (phosphide of iron and nickel). Schreibersite at hit in water formed soluble and chemically active phosphites – salts of phosphorous acid.

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Biological Computer

Biological Computer will be Reality in the Near Future

The scientists from the Stanford University have engineered biological transistors, which were made from genetic materials DNA and RNA. The transcriptors are the parts of making biological computer, which will work inside of living cells. The computer will have ability to find the change in a cell’s environment, save the changing’s record and produce a response. For any device the transistors are essential part. They control the flow of electron over a circuit in silicon-based computers. The operation of the silicon-based computer is producing with binary code. The chip of computer contains millions of transistors. With the similar function to a transistor, the transcriptor controls the RNA proteins’ flow when it moves across a DNA. The scientists changed the purpose of some integrases proteins, allowing for digital control over the RNA polymerase’s flow. So, they created amplifying genetic logic.

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Giant Squid

The Big Family of Giant Squids

Researches of scientists showed that the giant squids living in thicknesses of water worldwide are part of the same species. New research showed that the genetic variety of a huge squid is very low, is much lower, than at other studied types. This supervision allowed the scientists to assume that there is only one species of giant squids. The scientist has very little information regarding the huge squids. Moreover, nobody watched live squids up to 2004. Only in 2004, there was submitted a video of a live huge squid. It is known, that they live at a depth from 100 to 1100 meters, their length can reach to 18 meters, they are predators which eat fish and other squids.

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BOLD Space Probe Would Search for Mars Life

The Biological Oxidant and Life Detection mission, or BOLD, would send six small spacecraft to Mars to seek out extinct or extant life in the planet’s red dirt. As said researchers the mission, if it’s ever approved, might be ready to go by 2018 and would likely cost less than $300 million. If BOLD gets off the ground, it would be the first dedicated life-detection mission to Mars since NASA’s twin Viking landers blasted off in 1975, ultimately returning inconclusive results.

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Scientists Discover New Frog Species

A new species of frog has been found hiding in plain sight in New York City. University scientists helped discover this new species with scientists from the University of Alabama. For years, biologists mistook the frog for a more widespread variety of leopard frog. This one, however, prefers not to stray far from the Big Apple and has an unusual croak. The frog lives in the city’s ponds and marshes, sometimes within view of the Statue of Liberty, so uncovering the frog’s true identity was a surprise for scientists.

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Top 10 Scientific News of 2011

Below are top 10 scientific stories of 2011.Israeli company has reported about the invention on a new vaccine for cancer. Vaccine which can also be used as a drug to cure the diseased person is called Vaxil. A rare half-male and half-female butterfly has emerged at the Natural History Museum’s Sensational Butterflies exhibition. In November 2011, reports have indicated that unique specie of lobster – a blue European lobster – was found in the fish market of Billingsgate, London. The European lobster is very similar to the American lobster, Homarus americanus, but it appears smaller and less aggressive. It can live to over 15 years in the wild but their rarely reach that age to do being heavily fished.

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