Diamond Became the Reason for finding the hottest temperature On Earth

Diamond is the most concentrated form of pure carbon in the natural world and the strongest mineral on Earth. It is the women’s second best friend which is really reliable, but now as if diamond helped scientists to find the hottest temperature recorded on Earth. A chance finds in the remote Labrador wilderness found out to be evidence of the hottest-known temperature on Earth’s surface, according to new research.

Researcher found diamond in the Erath’s mantle at the first time

Researcher found super-deep diamond in the Earth’s mantle that humans have never seen before. According to the scientist the diamond provides “fundamental proof” of the long-theorized idea that slabs of oceanic crust that sink deep within the Earth are recycled into the lower mantle. They found the trapped mineral in a diamond from South Africa’s Cullinan Mine. This mine has produced some of the most expensive diamonds in the world, including two of the largest diamonds in the British Crown Jewels. “It’s also the source of some of the most scientifically valuable diamonds” Graham Pearson, a professor at the University of Alberta and one of the study’s authors, said in a statement. The rocks can shed light on the deepest parts of Earth’s core.

Top 10 Facts about Moon

The Moon is an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth. It is our natural orbit. It is the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System, and the largest among planetary satellites relative to the size of the planet that it orbits. We know more and more  facts about our Moon owing to the Innovative technology. Today we will introduce you the most top 10 facts about Moon that will arouse your interest.

Scientist are Going to Drill into Earth’s Mantle by 2030

We are always speaking about our galaxy, universe and everything that related to out of our planet. Humans have been to the moon and study every corner of the planet, but there is one place that we have forgotten, and have never been. Yes, you guessed correctly, it is about the plans that scientists are going to drill into Earth’s mantle by 2030, the planet’s interior, which lies just beneath the outer crust. Researchers of Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science want to find out more about how our planet was formed and what the mantle is consists of. The mantle composed of more than 80% of the Earth’s mass, lying 6 miles (10 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor.

Jupiter’s Red Spot has been existing more than 188 years and now is disappearing

It is probebly that Jupiter’s big red spot will disappear according to NASA. The first time of the dimension of big red spot was measured about 1800s, which was four times bigger than the size of Earth. In July 2017 Juno has been cycling Jupiter for six years, flew close to the storm and measured it that it is 30 percent larger than Earth. Juno planetary scientist Glenn Orton said “”In truth, the Great Red Spot has been shrinking for a long time, now it’s something like 13 degrees wide in longitude and only 1.3 times the size of the Earth. Nothing lasts forever. The Great Red Spot will in a decade or two become the Great Red Circle. Maybe sometime after that the Great Red Memory.”

Photos of Earth through rings of Saturn

The space agency NASA published photos of Earth and Moon shot by device Cassini at distance 1,5 billion kilometers from a surface of Saturn and Mercury. Thanks to a successful foreshortening it was succeeded to receive rare pictures of high resolution. The part of pictures was received with help of the camera placed on the device Cassini which is in rings of Saturn. Another part of pictures was received with help of the equipment of autonomous station Messenger from Mercury orbit in 98 million kilometers from our planet.

Gold on Earth could appear because of collision of dead stars

All gold on Earth could result from space accident between super dense dead stars. Gold on Earth it is shrouded in mystery as it can’t be formed in stars as easier elements, such as carbon and iron. But the secret can be opened now. As approves new research, collision of the dead stars could become the catalyst of creation of valuable metal. By the words of leading author of research Edo Berger they consider that the amount of the gold which made and has been thrown out during merge of two neutron stars, can be comparable weighing 10 Moon – quite decently. Berger and his colleagues studied short gamma splash which was noticed on Earth orbit by the spacecraft of NASA of Swift at the beginning of June.

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