Spectra three-colored electronic paper display

E Ink Corp. Company presented displays from the electronic paper, capable to display three colors. Besides traditional black and white, the display is able to show also red color. The technology on the basis of which the electronic paper display is created, received the name Spectra. As well as displays of “eReaders”, the display includes the microcapsules filled with liquid, but in them are placed pigments of three flowers. Lack of the Spectra screen is that it isn’t capable to display shades, for example, gray or pink colors. For comparison, other E Ink — Pearl displays, which are used in the Kindle eReaders, give 16 shades of the gray.

Morph is the prototype of future electronic device

The new class of electronic device, so-called “morph” – the devices capable independently to change a form, was presented on IT conference CHI-2013 in Paris. The British scientists created a new prototype electronic equipment, so-called “morphs” — the devices capable independently to change a form at change of lighting, start of a certain program or under other conditions, and presented some such devices to the world on IT conference CHI-2013 in Paris. According to the scientists they took a step to that all mobile gadgets will change the form, when it is required to user. Imagine — the user downloaded game on the mobile phone, and after its start it will turn into the game console. Besides, such phone can turn into a ball, or will be bent while the user enters the password. The scientists created “morph”, experimenting nanowires from alloys with effect of memory and the polymers, capable to be reduced under the influence of current. Physicists learned to turn simple designs from several slices of an alloy or polymer into superflexible surfaces, using so-called NURBS curves. They represent the special mathematical tool, allowing to set a curve practically any formwith help of a combination from several reference points. Nanowires acted as real similarity of such curves from alloys with effect of memory. These wires were united in the “grid”, which each cell represented an independent element.

An Innovative Bracelet MYO from Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs company presented an innovative bracelet MYO in Barcelona. With this bracelet it is possible to control different electronic devices. This MYO device allows to operate the equipments by gestures, particularly, the user can operate the music or video in computer, supervise the flight of toy helicopter etc. Thalmic Labs company presented an innovative bracelet in Barcelona. With this bracelet it is possible to control different electronic devices. This MYO device allows to operate the equipments by gestures, particularly, the user can operate the music or video in computer, supervise the flight of toy helicopter etc.

Engineers Developed Ultra Thin Water Soluble Electronics

A team of research engineers from Tufts University, University of Illinois and Northwestern University have developed ultra-thin electronic devices that can dissolve in the body. As scientists say the new invention “Water Soluble electronics” can be widely used in medical applications. According to a study published in the journal «Science», the unit is fully “dissolve” after you have made all scheduled functions. The transient electronics are made of nanomembranes of silicon and magnesium oxide that are printed with circuitry much like a PCB, offering robust performance very similar to conventional electronics. Silicone is water-soluble but to prevent immediate disintegration, components are covered in silk.

Google Electronic Payment System

One of the world’s leading IT-industry, Google has decided to permanently settle in the mobile payment systems. Google Electronic Payment System was started rather late, in 2011. Nevertheless, the company is actively engaged in business not only in the field of Internet services, but also in the mobile sector (this is the most common worldwide OS smartphone Android, and develop their own portable electronics), collected in the years to compete with local companies representing services in the area of electronic commerce. In order to make the payment, you will need a smart phone which supports NFC technology that is running Google Wallet. Some e-commerce systems can be tied to your account various bank cards, which makes it conduct a transaction.

Improved Version of Audi Q3 (Audi RS Q3) Will Be Available in 2013

Audi demonstrated an improved version of Q3 crossover called Audi RS Q3. Q3 RS prototype was presented last year, and already this year at the Auto Show in Detroit, Audi introduced a concept, equipped with the engine power of 314 horsepower. There are some specifications of the concept of Audi RS Q3. The main feature is a new crossover in terms of its engine. The car driven by a 2.5-liter turbo engine, power is 360 horsepower, which is 46 hp more than the Audi Q3 Vail. Up to 100 kilometers per hour new crossover accelerates in 5.2 seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S III replaces TV remote,hotel check-in, keycard and AC control

Samsung Electronics announced an hotel hospitality solution for the new Holiday Inn London Stratford City, situated next to the Olympic Park. Samsung has partnered with Fingi Inc., a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program partner, to enable Holiday Inn London Stratford City to offer residents’ a full suite of hotel services, remote control of room settings and a special Samsung & Holiday Inn ‘Olympic Newsletter’ with the latest updates from London 2012 – all on the new GALAXY S III Smartphone. Holiday Inn, owned by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), is the Official Hotel Services Provider to the London 2012 Olympics.The joint solution combines the GALAXY S III with a fully customizable app to provide a complete connectivity and room control solution. The mobile solution provides a flexible, scalable and easy-to-install solution through a downloadable Holiday Inn for Android app.